Empowering healthcare beyond boundaries

Carenation is our advanced and scalable digital health platform that enables complete remote care delivery.

Accessibility of Care

Revolutionizes healthcare access, ensuring everyone gets the care they deserve.

Quality of care

Enhances patient outcomes with cutting-edge technology and expert insights.

Cost of care

Slashes healthcare expenses through innovative, efficient remote solutions.

Revolutionizing Healthcare for a Better Tomorrow

At Teslon Carenation, we believe in transforming the way healthcare is delivered. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, our mission is to ensure everyone has access to high-quality medical care, regardless of their location.

Driving Innovation Across Care Continuum

Our Health Tech offerings bridge healthcare gaps globally by delivering affordable and quality service remotely, ensuring equitable access for all.

Critical Care

Carenation enhances critical care with TeleICU real-time monitoring and Care Carts, ensuring continuous, high-quality patient care by the best intensivists.
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Emergency Care

Carenation 5G ambulances revolutionize emergency care with real-time specialist interventions in transit.
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Chronic Disease Management

Carenation's Home Care enhances chronic disease management with remote monitoring and virtual nurse calling.
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Specialty Care

Carenation's SmartClinic advances specialist care with advanced diagnostics and consultations.

Primary Care

Carenation enhances primary care with Express teleconsultations, Backpack Clinics, and Smart Clinics.
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Wellness and Preventive Care

Carenation App promotes wellness with AI-powered check-ins, yoga, training, nutrition, and vitals tracking.
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Community care

Backpack Clinic enhances community care with screenings, health insights and assisted living.


Our health tech solutions revolutionize care, reaching millions and improving outcomes globally.

Experiences that Define Carenation

Transforming care for millions globally

Our health tech solutions revolutionize care, reaching millions and improving outcomes globally.

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