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with your care coordinator and doctor with a single tap from anywhere.

Technology that can touch lives and make a difference.

We envision bringing high-quality healthcare for all & access to healthcare to the remotest corners of the world.


Connect with your doctor in a click, ensuring swift and accessible medical support right from your home.


Access personalized yoga, exercise, nutrition plans, and a secure health record to achieve and maintain your health goals effortlessly.


Receive appointment notifications via SMS, email, and WhatsApp, simplifying your healthcare schedule management.

AI Assistants

Utilize connected devices for easy tracking of vitals while prioritizing data security and privacy.


The registration feature allows new patients to enter personal details and insurance information quickly, ensuring seamless onboarding and data integration with the hospital’s electronic health records.


The navigation feature provides interactive maps and directions, helping patients easily locate departments, wards, and appointment locations within the hospital, enhancing their overall experience.

Appointment booking

The appointment booking feature enables patients to schedule or reschedule appointments with real-time availability, reducing wait times and enhancing convenience with automated reminders.

AI Assitants

AI assistants offer symptom checks, health information, virtual consultations, and multilingual support, enhancing patient engagement and reducing the burden on healthcare professionals.

Key Features

Create, collaborate, and turn your ideas into incredible products with the definitive platform for digital design.

Health Tracking

Easy teleconsult without any app





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