Innovating Healthcare for a Better Tomorrow

At Teslon Carenation, we are passionate about transforming healthcare through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. Our mission is to ensure that high-quality care is accessible to everyone, everywhere, driving better health outcomes and making a positive impact on communities worldwide.

Our Team

Innovating to make tomorrow better.

Our Commitment

“We work hard every day to create technology that can make a difference to the lives of people in our community, our country, and all over the world.

Our products like Carenation aim to revolutionize healthcare delivery and make healthcare accessible to anyone in need anywhere, by an optimized remote care delivery model that adds value to small and large hospitals alike while ultimately benefiting the patients in need of care.

Being in healthcare, we are clear about what we mean when we talk about doing things right. Our products are well designed, fairly priced, and of exceptional quality. Also, every step we take in making those products is taken with ethics and integrity in mind. “

Harsha Muroor